Le Tournoi des 6 Stations - Winter Edition

12-18 february 2018

Cancellation of the Winter 2019 edition

It is with a heavy heart that we announce that the Winter 2019 Tournoi des 6 Stations is canceled.

Following the withdrawal of our historical major partner, and the inability to find the necessary budget for the realization of the Winter 2019 Tournoi des 6 Stations, we made the decision not to pursue the winter adventure in 2019.

We will put all our energy to ensure the realization of the Summer 2019 Tournoi des 6 Stations in the ports of Occitanie which has been meeting a great success for the last 2 years (http://tournoides6stations.com/ete/en/).
We believe a lot in this new summer format which will take place 2 months before the Rugby World Cup.

On the other hand, we announce the creation of the association Green World Team. This charity aims to accompany sports events to take an eco-responsible dimension. You will find information and membership forms on http://greenworldteam.org
A donation to the association will allow you a tax deduction of 60% or 66% on your taxes (depending on company or individual subscription)

We are already working on the organization of the Tournament of the 6 Stations Winter 2020.

Thank you for your understanding.

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